Making Japanese Platform Bed


Japanese Platform Bed – Soak up your bedroom with an elegant and minimalist aesthetic design with a Japanese platform bed. The chassis consists of on which is placed a mattress a slightly raised wooden platform. The simple design of a Japanese bed is one of the feasible home carpentry projects. Build your own bed platform with a plywood of your choice, such as cherry, oak, maple or birch. Mount the base. Make a rectangle with two 78-inch by 14 inch tips and two 74 by 14 -inch pieces. The second space 74 with two 14 pieces uniformly inside the rectangle, this transverse support. Secure with wood glue and 4D nails. Screw in the inside corners of the brackets, placing two brackets at each corner and attach the 1/2-inch wood screws. Cover your head on your nails with Putty with a spatula.

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Add the two 92 bits in 46 inches side by side with the shorter sides spliced ​​together. This is the platform. The center of the base of the Japanese platform bed. Attach the base of the platform using the L-shaped brackets along the inside edges of the base when the platform is located. Use the two brackets for each side. Turn the bed frame upside down, right side up. The 92-inch adhesive in 6 inch plate on the head and foot. The bits secured with type C clamps and secured by screws from the bottom of the platform to not display the screw heads. Adhesive, fastening and locking as well as two 80-inches by eight inch 1/2 bits on the sides of the deck. He now has a cavity on the platform where is placed a mattress.

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Sand the entire bed frame with 220 sandpaper. Corners of sand to sharpen the sharpness. Empty and wipe the wood with a paper towel to remove the dust. Splash Japanese platform bed frame with a color of your choice. It is optional if you want to maintain the natural tone of the wood. For light wood, birch or maple, it is best to paint with a tribalism front paint to avoid stains. Apply the stain with a brush and let it be absorbed into the wood for five to 10 minutes, depending on how dark you want the color. Remove the excess dye with a cloth and apply a second coat. Allow the stain to dry.

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