Making Futon Mattress Sizes


Futon Mattress Sizes – A futon is a bed that turns into a sofa, or a sofa that becomes a bed, depending on how you look at it. It consists of two parts: the frame and the cushion. The cushion is usually a single piece, which is used as a mattress. Making your own mattress can save you money and gives you the ability to customize it according to your own preferences. Place the futon in a flat frame. Measure the dimensions of the structure to determine what size foam to buy.

Buy the foam according to your tastes, relating the dimensions of the frame. The foam suitable for a futon mattress sizes comes in several options: latex, foam rubber and memory foam. Latex is a natural product, so it tends to be preferred by people with environmental awareness. This is also very expensive, especially the one that is 100% natural. Memory foam is known for its comfort and for being economical, but some people complain that it absorbs heat and heats up. Others complain that memory foam has an odor, which usually goes away over time. Rubber foam varies in price and quality: some types are firmer and more expensive and can last for 20 years, while other less expensive ones tend to become compressed and less comfortable over time.

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Try your foam futon mattress sizes. Lie down and sit on it. If you go to sleep and this is not comfortable enough, get a pad for the top. Purchase two lengths of thick fabric to fit over the mattress. Choose a pattern or solid color that matches the color scheme and decor of the room. Remember that pattern will be more difficult to handle because you will want to match the edges of the patterns from one side of the mattress to the other. To determine the size of this fabric, start with the width and height. To these dimensions adds the thickness of the mattress, in order to adjust the area where the fabric will cover the sides of the mattress. Finally, add another 2 inches (5 cm) to these dimensions to accommodate the seams.

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