Making Black King Size Bed


Black king size bed – Black is color that many people love. Making your own sheets gives you the flexibility to design a bedroom in any way you want, without having to worry about whether or not the bedding matches the decor. Beds come in two different sizes: standard and California. The standard king is a bit wider, and the king of California is a little longer. It can be difficult at times to find exactly what you want in one size or another. The entire fabric at the temperature you want to be able to wash your bedding regularly. Confirm the length, width, and depth of your king size bed. Lay the fabric of the right side sheets down on a flat surface.

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Cut the sheet with the measurements you took from the black king size bed. Add the length measurement twice the depth measurement, plus eight inches. Measure the total on the fabric and cut a straight line through the fabric. Add the width measurement twice the depth measurement, plus eight inches. Measure the total across the width of the fabric. Cut a straight line along the fabric. Add inches seven-and-one-half depth measurements. At each corner, measure this total length and width. Mark each point. Measure on each one Mark the same distance to form a square. Cut the square of the fabric.

Black king size bed, stitch the corners. Fold the edges of the square cuts with the sides of the right together. Sew one seam to 1/2 inch. Press the open seam. Zigzag or serge the seam allowance Fold the edge of the sheet more than half an inch, wrong sides together. Fold the edge another half inch. Bend it all the way around the blade. Press the flat button. Measure eight inches along the length and width of the seam at each corner. At the eight inch mark, remove the hem seams about one inch. Fold the end of the elastic and the plug into the safety pin. Use the safety pin to thread the elastic from one opening to the other, go in the corner of the sheet and pull to create a gather. Pin the loose end of the elastics to the opening to prevent pulling it through.

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