Makeover Black and Modern White Living Room


Modern white living room – Whether you are in a modern style but at the same time classic? Even timeless, then choose to decorate in black and white. It is this way: an elegant, sophisticated, strong character, affecting the visitor, yet it also has some contraindications. We look pro and against black and modern white living room. Pros: It’s theatrical, elegant, and classic. The black and modern white living room is made of contrasts, highlights white shapes and camouflages those in black. In short, creates a scene, a stage on which your furnishings can play in full freedom. Take off the floor and put the furniture of the opposite color.

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Then continue with the walls and curtains and finally fill the spaces. Highlight your artwork or your favorite designs is easy, just put them on contrasting surfaces. If you want to be classical but not trivial, you can work on the details. Choose glass handles, original lamps that play through the opposition of styles. Also silver ornaments and finally use rows. They are able to capture your gaze and give a British touch to your home. The opposite: it tends to the cold and can tire. The black and modern white living room is sometimes not chosen for fear that the atmosphere is cold and detached. Yet avoiding the glacial effect is possible.

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It helps both vegetation and materials to come to fruition. Vases with lush plants, also to be combined with freedom, by combining a cold d├ęcor with desert vegetation composed predominantly of fat plants. If you then insert velvet, poufs of natural fabrics, skins or eco-pads for the floors, the game for black and modern white living room is done. The heat will not fail. And if you’re just afraid you’re tired of it? In truth, it is not a problem to change the face of black and modern white living room by opening it to a third color: blue, green, pink, yellow ocher. The choices are varied and the notes of the new color guarantee the right renewal.

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