Make Your Nice King Size Bed


Nice king size bed – You want to have good bed? Instead of spending money on an expensive betting, make your own simple platform frame using the king bed. The king size beds are the largest mattress option, about 80 inches long and 76 inches wide. Making your own betting is not as difficult as it looks and with certain tools, the framework can be achieved in a few hours. Once you connect, dress with beds for a complete look. Buy four plywood boards for each bed since each sheet is 4 to 8, one can cut the four frame parts from a single sheet to the second sheets of sheets and veneer two remaining sheets.

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Cut the pieces for the wooden frame with a circular saw. Since this is a nice king size bed, you need to complete two pieces 80 inches long and 6 inches wide and two pieces 76 inches long and 6 inches wide part of the box. Cut four pieces of plywood. Each corner with a hammer and nails. Mount the four pieces to form a rectangular frame and nail over. You can also use a nail gun if you need to mount the box quickly. To secure the panels, add nail corners at the top and bottom at an angle of 45 degrees to connect all the boards.

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Six wooden planks cutting to use as a carrier in the box. The inner panel width measurements vary according to the thickness of the wood one should measure before cutting for an exact fit. To measure, place the strips within the longest part of the nice king size bed frame and measure them on the opposite side. Cutting the card supports this measurement on the second sheet of plywood. Then, nail iron structure, holding panels about 16 inches apart to support sufficient king mattress. Nail the plates on both sides of the frame.


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