Make Small Sofa Bed from Headboard


Small sofa bed – Do you have a headboard that you want to convert a sleep sofa or do you need a sofa for your home and want to personalize your style? Then head one of the head with a headboard as the backrest of the sofa, you will have a personal touch to your furniture and leave something to use again that could land in the trash. Building a sleep sofa can be a worthwhile project as well as a utility. These steps will show you how to create your own style by replacing the back of the sofa bed with a headboard. So use your headboard to make a sleeping sofa for each room

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Small sofa bed, place all necessary items in a cool, dry place, such as the garage or in a free space in the house because you have worked with a saw. Unless you have cut wood, if you have bought it, you want a well-ventilated room that does not have a mess. Measure the head part of the length and compare it with two lengths of wood panels. The wood should be aligned longitudinally with the header: otherwise cut, the ends, if necessary. Next, measure the two shorter pieces of wood panels safely long enough to make them in width and leave space with the two longer pieces for the connection. The wood is with a box shape with the smaller pieces in which both longer.

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Small sofa bed, place the four pieces together on the ground and measure ending both long and wide. Take a piece of cardboard or a sheet of wood MDF and measure with the same specifications as the box. Using 4 pins for the boards support and plating, place them in the corners using screws to fix. At the bottom of the metal box housing brackets to reinforce the framing. Now is the time to attach any legs to the frame by means of four wooden legs that can be purchased at any local hardwood store.


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