Make a Concrete Garden Bench


Concrete garden bench – Firstly, design bench; Use pen and paper to draw concrete garden benches. To make it easy for you to start with a rectangular shape to use as a seat and two legs. This type of bench lacks complication that makes it easy to build. Determine how long you want the bench to be and how wide. Step 2, makes mold; Draw dimensions each piece. You need two short sides, two long sides and one bottom. The legs are constructed in the same way minus the top or bottom. Center painters tape over the lines and cut the board through the center of the tape. Nail the pieces together to the boxer. The open areas are where the concrete is to be poured.

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Step 3, digging: Determine where the concrete garden bench will be and measure the length of the concrete garden bench. Insert the dimensions of the legs and then dig at least 4 inches deep between the bet. Use the tamper to level the ground in the hole and make sure it’s the level of utilizing the level tool. Step 4, make Concrete garden bench; Mix the concrete according to the instructions on the bag. Mix it in razor wheelbarrow until you achieve the correct consistency. Place the legs in the holes you dug and remove the stakes. Use rubber hammer to tap the molds in place and use level to ensure that each side is leveled out properly.

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Dig one hole one on each side of each leg and hammer a 2 × 4 in each hole. Make sure the plates are flush against the mold. Lay the bench shape on the ground with the open area on top. Add 2x4s just the way you did for your legs. Pour slow concrete into each mold one at a time. Fill the shapes all the way to the top and use a wooden piece to scrape away excessively. Use the float and masonry to smooth the top of concrete. Wait several days for the concrete to cure and stiffen. Remove braces and shapes. Place the concrete garden bench top on top of the legs.

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