Look Of Faux Rock Siding


Faux rock siding – Although many people love the look of the house with stone walls, they do not like the fees needed to really get stone walls to their homes. If you want to give your house a stone look without going bankrupt, you should consider several options for siding stone imitation. Many companies make favors of this kind and it looks like the real deal. There is very little maintenance involved, and a great selection of light enough and easy enough to install on your own. Redstone is a company that makes fake siding. This siding is sold on the panel (which includes about 7 square feet) or half-panel (which includes about 3 ½ square meters). Because they are made of polyurethane that looks like stones, they are really light.

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Best of all, unlike the real faux rock siding they do not need to be treated; they are watertight and treated so that UV rays will not lose them. You can install it on your own with tools you may already have. The options include three brick color, color stone stacked four, and four color random stones. For one of the largest selection available for this type of siding, you should check out Faux Panels. The company uses a real stone to make the mold, so the final product looks a lot like real stones. There are several color options for each type of panel designs, including bricks, Castle Rock, rough stones, dry stack stones, and ledge stones, random, cut Faces, and stacked stones.

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Although faux rock siding has a great selection, there are several types of fake rock siding that they do not have. Build a direct imitation stone has granite siding, wall cladding, fabricated stone veneers and comes in many options similar to those offered by other companies. But they also offer choices to resemble rocks and boulders that are not so widely available. If you want something a little different.


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