Living Room Tables Puff as Cute Coffee Table


Living room tables – If you want to get out of the norm in the interior of your living room or you just do not have much space to put all the furniture, we propose the following ideas to decorate the room with puffs as coffee table . Although at first may seem like a rather strange idea, it is an option for which more and more people are descant. In practical question it is very useful for people who have a living room with few square meters, which generally does not give them the space to add a footrest or some chairs to accompany the sofa.

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Putting a puff in the middle of the seats makes living room tables serve as a coffee table if we put a tray on top, as footrest (whenever we remove the tray) and as a supplementary seat when you have visitors. However, if your case is not a small room, you can opt for this decorative idea simply to create sets of finishes, colors, textures and different formats. What’s more, we recommend this option if you have a large living room and there is plenty of space between one sofa and another.

On the other hand, do not forget that this auxiliary furniture can become the protagonist of your living room, not only because we are contextualizing its use when using living room tables puff as a coffee table, but also by the way it has and the finish we give. We can put some legs that enhance it, whether of wood or with a metallic structure, they can be round or oval (as if they were enormous stones), can have captioned in the part or in all their structure, they can be soft or rigid, Have great seams, vivid colors or striking textures. All with the idea of ​​boosting their presence in the room.

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