Living Room Decor Styles from Classic to Modern


Living Room Decor Styles – For the decoration of rooms have different styles, so if you are starting with the decoration of this important space of the home, analyze which is the style of decoration that best fits the space you have to your personal style, with the purpose that The decor of your room reflects your personality. You can decorate the room from the rustic, traditional, to the vintage style. Then I leave you with some guidelines that you have to have to decorate your room according to each style.

For this style of rustic decoration of rooms it is necessary to give priority to the use of natural materials such as stone and wood mainly. Generally the wood is the one that have a main protagonist in the rustic decoration, although in some cases also the stone. That is used for the lining of walls and floors. The rustic style in the room can be achieved simply with the use of wooden furniture in its color and natural state. As for the palette of colors for rustic rooms, those that represent nature, such as brown, green, etc. are recommended.

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If you like the formal, classic and elegant living room decor styles, do not hesitate to decorate the room with traditional style. Start by using colors typical of a classic environment, such as ocher or white. Leave aside the flashy colors. The furniture to be used has to have classic, formal and robust lines. The sofas and armchairs of leather or canvas are the most used. In this style the wood also has an important role in shelves, tables and cabinets.

Decorate the vintage style room by painting the walls of yellow mustard, slate blue, white, or simply leaving the brick in sight or coating with wood halfway. The floor of a vintage room can be made of natural wood with wide boards and better that it complements it with a rug somewhat worn. As for the living room decor styles accessories that cannot be missing are wood stoves, period paintings, an old typewriter, white and long curtains, etc.

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