Learn How to Design a Beautiful Stone Fire Pits


Stone fire pits – Do you know what a fire pit or fire pit is ? It is an exterior element in which fire is the main protagonist. It can serve, according to its design and characteristics, either as a simple decorative element, or as something similar to a barbecue or place to cook certain foods. Although, eye! When we refer to simple decorative element, we do not mean that it is something that hardly contributes anything. Having a fire pit, whatever its usefulness, will always be a point in favor of the aesthetics of our garden . A wonderful detail that can radically change the image that this area of ​​your house projects.

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Before embarking on the purchase or construction of your own stone fire pits, ask yourself how you want it to be: round, square, made directly on the ground, supported on legs, large, small … Once you are clear on this point, think about what material you think that can fit more with your garden depending on the rest of the decoration of it. Once you have it clear, we move on to the next point. And the next point is no other, no more; no less than choosing where you are going to place it. Depending on your tastes, the characteristics of your garden, your budget, etc., decide for one thing or another before carrying out the work or purchase.

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We have decided to show you this example of María Victoria Interior in this image because it seems like a marvel to show how a stone fire pits is not dangerous, far from it. It is about having the necessary precautions, as with everything. If not, look how a small fire pit looks on this simple outdoor table. The chairs are plastic and the environment is not too chic , but the point at which all eyes are going is the fire … beautiful!


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