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June 23, 2019 Foyer

Lantern Foyer Light With Gas

Lantern foyer light – Gas lanterns, such as that found in many streets all over New Orleans and the French Quarter, are among the most common type of lighting before the advent of electricity. Their unique and graceful design provided lighting both indoors and outdoors. Gas Day French Quarter style gas lanterns are still a popular choice these days for both their functional and decorative qualities. Artificial gas lanterns are often selected for the warmth of the light they produce and their artistic construction. With historical influence and age their appearance, the gas lantern can serve as the perfect complement to the houses trying to restore a little bit of New Orleans.

Antique Lantern Foyer Light

Antique Lantern Foyer Light

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The design of the French Quarter is considered as the original French Quarter style gas lantern foyer light. They are graceful, 4 design side keeping the classic look, but putting a brilliant light. The six sided lanterns is another version of this popular design, but add 2 extra window glasses, so it has lanterns, literally, the six sides. As you will see the whole New Orleans-style lanterns can be mounted on the posts, hanging from the ceiling, or mounted on the wall of the yoke. or to see additional class is considered add “ladder rack” for this design. Hang lanterns-style lanterns hanging from the ceiling or home usually on the brackets yoke, which looks like a circle with a stalk on top. A popular accent yoke hanging shelf ladders that stretches out from the side. This ladder rack can have fun shapes such as Fleur de Lis for more decorative touches.

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Post mount gas lantern foyer light will be attached directly to the post or column. Post Mount Lantern Making will usually stable in the columns, but offers little embellishment with an iron hand extending out to the end of the lantern. One more formula Will Spider the Mountain Lantern, which is the long version of the standard posting. Mounting Bracket-the type lamp is mounted directly on the wall and is vertical with brackets. Standard square brackets on the back and keep the gas lanterns a few inches from the wall. The second option, however, includes a more formal neck bracket that has elegant swooping design and carries a lantern farther from the wall.

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