King Size Wood Bed Frame Design


King size wood bed frame – King size beds are expensive, sometimes costing more than $ 1000. You can spend thousands on a bed frame, or you can build your own using cheap woods and a weekend. Although there are many variants of the bed frame, a simple box platform provides clean lines and a modern look. From this basic framework, you can add extra features such as a bookcase headboard, or even the posts holding up a canopy. Cut wood beams in six lengths equal to the height you want your bed frame. A foot to 18 inches is a good height for most people, but you can cut longer or shorter to suit your taste.

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King size wood bed frame cut your 80-inch and 76-inch plywood blade so the width matches the length of your wood beam cuts. For example, your 80-inch discs would measure 1/2 inches by 80 inches by 12 inches if you cut your beams to 12 inches long. True one facing each other by 80-inch plywood boards, two 76-inch plywood sheets and 80-by-38 sheets. You can sand the rest if you want, but they will not be visible when the bed is ready.

Add a cut beam at each end of the 76-inch plywood blade so that the ends and outer edge align with the edges of the sheet. Screw them into place with two wooden screws at each end, driven by plywood and into the beam. For ground leaves, put the beams on the unsanded side. Build an L shape by attaching an 80-inch plywood board to a ground 76-inch blade. Screw 80-inch blades into place with two wooden screws, as you did with step four. Repeat to build a second L shape, with the remaining 80-inch sheet and cut 76-inch sheets. The ground faces all the woods will meet the outside of L. Arrange two L forms into a rectangular king size wood bed frame. Connect by pushing the wood screws through the loose ends of the 80-inch blade and into the beam.

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