King Size Storage Bed Ideas


King size storage bed – Great under the bed storage is a convenient way to store off-season clothing, jackets or pajamas. It can also be useful for paper items that are important, photographs or even toys in a child’s room. A vintage dresser can take up too much space in your home, but reusing the drawers to become the storage under the bed can be a perfect solution to know what to do with the dresser. Put the wheels in the drawers, it will be easier to slip under the bed and pull out when needed. Place a newspaper on the work surface and put a drawer on top of it. This project may be easier to do outside in a yard or other well-ventilated area. Sand the rough edges of the drawer with sandpaper.

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King size storage bed, paint the chest of drawers any color you want with wood paint and a brush. Sometimes the antique drawers can look pretty hard, and unless you do not mind the old look, painting the drawers can give them new life. Turn over the drawer more than you are looking for in the bottom of the drawer. Place a wheel at each corner to get an idea of ​​where we want them to go. Perform the drills for each wheel.

King size storage bed, screw the wheels in place with the screws provided. Most wheels will have four screws. Screw tightly so that it does not come loose. If the wheels are not at the same distance from each other, it does not really matter. The wheels are for function and not for looks. Turn the drawer back and look inside the drawer. Clean any dirt or dust in the drawer with a dust cloth. Drawer line with shelf paper or self-adhesive contact paper. In this work it comes in many colors and designs so that it can match the paper for the color of the drawer.

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