King Size Canopy Bed Frame Plan


King size canopy bed frame – A canopy above a bed allows you to sleep between cloth delivery. Some beds come with a canopy built into the top of the four posters and stores carry mass-manufactured fabrics that hang from the ceiling. These vary in cost of. Making your own awning gives you the opportunity for a solid construction without costing you a fortune. Adding molding on the outside of a four-poster bed gives it a polished and finished look. Place two 1 by 5 by 12-inch pine pieces on the work surface. Lay them on their 1-inch sides with 12-inch sides facing each other. Perpendicular to the two 12-inch pieces, place two 1-by-5-by-11-inch pine pieces on their 1-inch sides. Slide the 11 inch pieces between the 12 inch pieces, positioning them so that their edges are flush with the cut ends of the 12 inch pieces, creating a square.

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King size canopy bed frame, apply wood glue where the pieces are joined. Hammer two 3-inch nails through the 12-inch piece into each of the 11-inch pieces to secure them. Cut saw both ends of two 1 by 5 by 12-inch molding pieces at a 45-degree angle with a miter. Cut the ends at the same angle. Cut two molding pieces 1 by 5 by 11 inches at a 45-degree angle. Cut in the opposite angle as the first two pieces. Fit the four miter pieces to the outside of the board box that you created.

Make king size canopy bed frame, apply wood glue to the back of the molding and press the joints together, place the 11-inch pieces in the 11-inch of the board box and 12-inch parts on 12-inch planks. Put the miter corners together and make sure they are flush. Hammer a finishing nail through each end of the trim and into the wooden box underneath. Screw four eyebolts into the top of the wooden box. Place a bolt on each corner of the carton. Once the screws are inserted, apply a thin layer of lipstick to the bolt caps. Lift the mold-covered box on the ceiling where you want to hang the canopy. Press the stud bolts against the ceiling to transfer the lipstick to the ceiling. Screw an eye hook onto each of the lipstick marks.

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