King Size Bed Frame with Storage Design


King size bed frame with storage – There are many different designs of platform beds outside, some with storage, some outside. Commercially made platform beds are generally quite expensive, and those with built-in storage are even more so. Why not save yourself money and make your own? Making a storage platform bed does not have to be a complex project. If you use finished storage cubbies in base your new storage platform bed just got a lot easier. Position cubby units to a rectangle, cubby hole facing outwards, with the two 75-inch units placed on each side of the cubic 15-inch cubbies, forming a rectangular frame, 45 by 75 inches. This makes a single bed. To change the size of the bed, use longer or wider cubby units and adjust the length of the rods as needed.

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King size bed frame with storage, glue wooden planks on the inside of the cubbies. The planks are screw anchors so they must be adjacent to each other on the walls of the cubbies: one on the top and bottom of side walls in cubic cubby, one on the top and bottom of the sides next to the cubic cubby, inside the long cubby units. Before drilling two holes through each anchor. These holes will go through the anchor, through the wall of the cubby and into the adjacent screw the anchor on the other cubby wall. Screw the cubby storage device frame together with prepared holes.

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King size bed frame with storage, place the shelf brackets along the sides of the inner frame 12 inches below the edge. It will be 45 inches on the sides of the interior of the frame, so place the brackets on each side, with ten inches between them, so they will support the wooden lists. Screw the fasteners into the sides of the frame. Place the wooden slats on the consoles. They should be flush with the top of the frame, and have around & frac34; Inch between them. Turn down. Place the baskets in the cubby holes and your platform bed with storage is complete.

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