King Platform Bed Frame Design


King Platform Bed Frame – You can make a faux brick platform bed is lightweight and with just a few supplies from your local hardware store. This bed will be easy to disassemble if needed. Start with a metal bed frame that comes with most new beds. Cut 2 by 4 boards to fit around the edge of your bed. If one side of the bed is always against a wall, you do not have to put a board on that side. Use 2 screws to stamp these boards to the side of the bed frame using the holes in the frame. Place a small piece of wood inside the frame to give the screws something to grab onto.

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Cut the sheets of fake brick or plywood to fit along the sides of the king platform bed frame. Measure the length of the tables by 2 by 4 and the distance from the top of the table by 2 by 4 to the floor to get the correct size. Paint the brick sheet or plywood, or get out of the brick veneer as is. Apply the primer and then apply the color of the paint you want. Paint only the brick part of the sheet or paint a brick design on the plywood with sponges, leaving the spaces between the bricks of a gray primer to resemble the grout. Paint the top of the boards 2 by 4 to match your brick sheets.

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Lay the fake brick or plywood sheets at 2 by 4 boards with screws. Drill holes in the plywood or plywood, and then screw into the king platform bed frame. You could use nails instead of screws, but using screws makes it easy to disassemble and reassemble the bed if you need to move it.


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