Indoor Dog Ramp for Bed


Dog ramp for bed – indoor allow small breeds or toys access to the highest surfaces without causing strain on their small joints. Adult pets with joint pain or arthritis may need help getting to your bed or couch to cuddle with you. The right ramp for your pet will allow you more freedom. Hop on a bathroom scale and weigh yourself. Hold your dog and let yourself back down. Subtract the weight of the combined weight of you and your pet to get the individual weight of your pet.

Multiply your pet’s weight by two to choose an indoor dog ramp for bed that supports twice its weight. This rule is important, especially if your pet is loud. The idea of ​​the ramp is to help you in areas of difficult access and avoid injury, not jump over it with all its strength and break the ramp. Secure a 12-inch-wide ramp, for small or medium-sized dogs with no balance problems. Choose a wider ramp, 16 inches, for larger dogs or a dog with balance problems. No matter what width you choose, It is important that your dog’s ramp include side rails to prevent his four-legged friend from sliding off each side of the ramp.

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Choose the correct slope for your dog ramp for bed, based on the reason you need a ramp. A steep 26-degree slope works well for young, medium and small breeds with lots of energy to run around. A slope of 22 degrees is normal and more moderate for dogs with some muscular deterioration, and a slope of 18 degrees works well for older dogs with weak limbs. Display the slope and length of a pet ramp to make sure it fits in the area where it is placed. Place the tip of a tape measure on the floor at the base of the element where your dog needs a ramp. Straighten the measuring tape straight up to 24 inches.

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