Ideas Washing Convertible Sofa Bed


Convertible Sofa Bed – The suede is a soft and velvety textured skin that adds warmth to the sofa and makes it very comfortable. It is a delicate skin, much appreciated for its beauty. This gives the sofa, chaise lounge, sofa bed or armchair an elegant and stately appearance, typical of the quality of the material. But how can we clean the sofas upholstered in suede so that they retain the maximum time this texture and warmth? I’ll tell you in this post. Being a variety of skin, its maintenance requires special care. Today we are going to talk about what are the most effective tricks to enhance the beauty of sofas upholstered in suede, and prolong their beauty over time.

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The main care we must have with our convertible sofa bed is to prevent any liquid from being poured on it. Not even water. Moisture causes the skin to dry out, lose flexibility and change color, becoming darker. Therefore, before an accident of this type, it is important to know how to act. The first step is to try to absorb all traces of moisture, but not by applying heat, but with towels or absorbent paper, so that it recovers its initial condition at room temperature, in the most natural way possible. External heat surges could accelerate the deterioration of the stained surface, and cause the opposite effect to the desired one.

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Convertible sofa bed, if the spilled liquid has left a stain, it will be necessary to remove the trail with a towel moistened with warm water. Rubbing gently in concentric circles, from outside to inside. Once the stain has been removed, proceed to drying, as described above. If the stain is already dry, or it is any other type of stain, there are several ways to remove them, but remember, the first is to “carefully” study the cleaning and maintenance conditions offered by the manufacturer. If they allow it we can apply to the spot the following tricks. Rubbing the stain with a clean towel, lightly moistened with a little white vinegar, or ammonia diluted in water, we advise you to do a cleaning test on an invisible part of the piece, to check that the fabric is not damaged. It is a process that requires patience, since the product has to penetrate the surface of the fabric. To check whether the stain has completely disappeared, we will have to wait for the suede to dry.

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