Ideas to Install Wire Track Lighting


Wire track lighting – If you are thinking of replacing unflattering fluorescent lights in the bathroom or if you need more light than that single match in the living room offers, the installation of track lighting improves any room. Track lighting is usually attached to the roof surface and not recessed, making it much easier to do it yourself. You can easily remove unwanted light fixtures and use the electrical box to which the old fixture is attached. And because you do not have to do any complicated electrical wiring, you should be able to finish the job in less than a day.

Turn off the power at the panel of the main circuit breaker in the room that is going to install the wire track lighting. When attempting any electrical work, make sure that the power for the circuits you are going to work with is turned off. Furniture of the cover and cabinets with a cloth to protect them from dust or debris that may fall to the installation of the new lighting. Remove old accessories and lights. Check the wiring to make sure the wires are still in good condition. If the insulation around the wires is difficult and crumbling, use wire strippers to strip about an inch of the insulation. Mark with a pencil or with the tape on which you want the tracks to run. Having a guide to follow will make it easier to make sure your lights go out as far as you want. Mount the track. The type of screws you need depends on the type of material your roof is made of.

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If the ceiling is made of plaster, use anchors around the screws for added strength. If the roof is concrete, you will need special screws. Attach the cables to the wire track lighting adapter. The track light will connect the same as your old lamp. It is easy to figure out which cable goes with which white wire with white wire, black wire with black wire, etc. Place 7 wire connectors through the connected wires by screwing to the left or twisting the ends together depending on the type of lighting of the chosen track. The manufacturer’s instructions will tell you what you will have to do. Installation of lighting fixtures on the tracks. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the type of bulb to use and how many per track. Turn on the power again and test to make sure the lights are working.

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