Ideas Re-Upholstering Futon Cushions


Futon Cushions – Re-upholstering cushions is a cost-effective method of creating room decor accents by bringing new life to old chairs and furniture. This is achieved by adding a new fabric and padding to the existing cabinet frame. Instead of bearing the cost of new furniture to suit a modified room decoration theme, reupholstered cushions can change the appearance of chairs and furniture for the cost of fabric and some supplies. Many interior designers use this method to create custom furniture according to their decorating theme while keeping costs. If you have no experience in re-upholstery projects, a face-lift chair is the easiest place to start.

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Remove the existing cushion in the frame of the chair using a screwdriver or a fixing drill that matches the fastening screw of the cushion card in place. Cut old fabric and pad cushion from the cushion board using scissors and a base solvent. Place the cushion card face down on top of the new cushioning material. Purchase upholstery material at your local home improvement store or trade. Padding should measure about 1 inch thick. Using a pencil, trace around the cushion pad on the new cushioning material. Adjust the side futon cushions panel.

Using scissors cut the shape of the cushion board from the new cushioning material. Apply a safety foam adhesive to the entire rear part of the new cushioning material. Place the new padding material on the futon cushions. Turn the cushion panel over the back and leave the piece to dry for several hours. Unroll the fabric and place it face down on a flat work surface. Place the new cushion board face down on the top of the fabric. Leave a 6-inch border around the perimeter of the cushion and cut the material with the scissors. Center the cushion card in the center of the cut fabric piece, ensuring a 6-inch border goes all the way on the base. Pull the fabric around one side of the cushion board until tight and secure the piece using the stapler. Pull the fabric around the opposite side of the cushion card until the fabric is tight and secure again with the base gun.

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