Ideas Queen Size Sofa Bed


Queen size sofa bed – offers a convenient and space-saving resting place for your guests. Over time, however, a sofa bed can suffer from structural fatigue around the frame which can cause collapse or collapse. Attaching your collapsed sofa bed requires only basic tools and plywood, and saves you the cost of buying a new bed. Building the pieces to strengthen your sofa bed frame should only take a few hours to complete and should restore your bed to its initial guest loan status. Open the sofa bed and use a tape measure to determine the length and width of the frame under the mattress. Using a circular saw, cut three pieces of 1/4-inch plywood to match the measurements of the frame.

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Drill three regularly spaced holes on a horizontal edge of two of your pieces of plywood. Drill three holes on the two horizontal edges of your third piece of plywood. Space the holes in the third piece so as to correspond with the holes previously drilled in the first two segments of plywood. Place the three pieces of plywood on a work surface or on the floor. Position the piece of plywood with the holes drilled in both ends in the middle. Place the edges pierced against each other in the same configuration as they would be on the queen size sofa bed frame.

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Run through each set of holes. Thread the wiring to connect the pieces of plywood together, and then tie the wire. Provide enough slack by attaching the wires to allow the parts to fold over. Use a wire cutter to cut any excess wiring. Arrange the pieces of flat wood on top of your sofa bed frame. Place the mattress on top of the parts mount and queen size sofa bed. Use a hand sander to sand the pieces of plywood, which will help protect your mat from rubbing against the wood.


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