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Narrow chest of drawers – This to rescue old furniture and paint, lining them with paper, vinyl or decorate them in any other way, is fashionable, and thank goodness because the rescue of furniture has become fashionable, the imagination of people overflows to create true works of art in terms of furniture renovations. Like the one we bring you today, that with a little paint we can have a completely new piece of furniture. An old chest of drawers was rescued in a very bad state, scratched, with peeling paint, in short, it was a shame, but with a little bit of hand and paint it has been like new.

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In this case, pink tones have been used to decorate it. It has painted the narrow chest of drawers under the shade of pink stronger, the second drawer something softer and the first drawer one of a pale pink. And to create contrast and soften both pink has been painted the rest of white, and as a final touch have been painted the black handles.  If someone has liked this idea and decides to put it into practice following the patterns of painting, that is using a color in various shades, say that you do not need to buy a color for each drawer.

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We are going to give as an example this narrow chest of drawers that we have brought you today. Instead of buying 4 colors, pale pink, pink something darker, pink even darker and white, you only need white synthetic enamel paint and red dye. Synthetic enamel is a very suitable paint for painting furniture. To dye it, universal dye is needed. And to dilute it you need universal solvent. And what we have to do is prepare 3 jars, and in each of them we mix white with a little bit of red dye, the more dye we use, the more pink will come out, so that depending on the result we look for, we will mix, and in each jar we mix a little less red to get that tone scale from highest to lowest.

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