Ideas Hang Bedroom Window Curtains


Bedroom Window Curtains – Side window lights, sometimes written lites or side lights, add a certain grace and the elegance of a door or entrance. These windows, one on each side of a door let the light through and give it a distinctive style with an entrance hall, lobby or living room. They can also, unfortunately, be a thorny decoration issue in terms of privacy and light control. While side lights are often left uncovered, there are some traditional ways to hang curtain side lights, curtain and some non-traditional ideas for side light windows.

Frame hangs bedroom window curtains. The most common treatment for windows is a set of transparent curtains hung inside the window frame with a pair of spring tension guillotine rods. Spring tension rods are hollow metal rods with a spring inside and rubber tips at both ends. They hang just the way the standard shower curtain rods hang – push them together, put them in place and let the spring push the ends out against the frame to hold them in place. There is no hardware or screws to mess with, and they are in less than a minute. In most cases, sidelight curtains are mounted on two guillotine bars, one at the top and one at the bottom, which holds the curtain taut inside the frame and covers the entire glass. The side frame should be at least half an inch deep using guillotine rods. Choose this method of hanging curtains to allow piloting molding or decorative window frames to display.

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Hang side light exterior frame bedroom window curtains. If the side window frame is less than half an inch deep, or if you want to cover window frames and wooden furniture, choose regular guillotine bars to hang curtains pilot out of the window frame. Again, it is more common to use guillotine rods at the top and bottom of the curtain and stretch the fabric over the window instead of letting it hang free as regular window shades do.


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