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Futon Chair Bed – Although there are many wooden futon frame designs, most come in one of two varieties: the sofa frame and the treble. Both styles can sometimes be a challenge to newcomers, but with a little practice it becomes second nature. Starting out, make things easier for yourself by removing the futon mattress from your frame before folding. However, in a short time you will find you can do everything with the mattress in place. Configurations where you can grasp the futon frame while supporting the legs with the foot.

Place the futon chair bed frame three or four inches forward relative to the legs. Position the frame backwards while pulling upwards as well. Within one inch or so, the frame pegs will slide up the track for upright position. Pull the frame up, folding the hinge in the middle, to the sofa at the back of the frame in a fully upright position. Note that “vertical” does not necessarily mean perpendicular to the ground on some models. Inspect the front of the futon bed (where your knees will go when sitting). Some models have a bracket placed folds down near the center. If your model has one, fold it down.

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Locate the two sets of hinges in the frame of your futon chair bed. One system folds down (so that the peak rises away from the floor), the other folds upwards (with the peak that sinks to the ground. Pull up on the fold-down hinges. The hinges will rise as two-thirds of the “V” double-futon structure, one down. Pull up to what was now on the edge of the bed flat against the floor. Adjust the position of the folding up of the hinge, which should have bent at about 90 degrees in step two. You can increase or reduce the angle to suit how much you want to rest in the position of the chair or sofa frame.

  • Inspect points where your futon touches the floor. Some will have to stabilize the pegs or other mechanisms to maintain the sliding structure. If not, consider sliding against the wall for additional stability.
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