Ideas for Paint Wooden Office Chair


Wooden office chair – Maybe you have inherited a dining set with wrong chairs or have found some good wood chairs on a yard sale that was a bit scratched or scuffed. With a little effort, and some emulsion paint, it’s easy to transform wooden chairs from sad to flab and make them look new. Emulsion paints are water-based with acrylic or vinyl resin added to make them harder, wearing than traditional paints

Sand all the surfaces of the wooden office chair. This will allow the paint to stick better to the tree. You do not have to completely remove paint or finish that was previously used for the chair. If there is only a clear layer of varnish on the chair, fine sandpaper should do that job as you only want to rub up to the surface so that the paint will last better. If you need to remove scaling of paint or globs left by the previous owner, you want to use the media sandpaper. Wipe paint or wood dust from the chair left by grinding with a clean, dry cloth.

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Paint the undercoat of white emulsion paint on the chair. Flip the chair over and paint the underside first. Do not glow on the paint, but blow it smoothly. Once you have covered the underside, turn the chair back over, stand it on your leg and start at the top and work with soft strokes. You can use a smaller brush if there are nice details on the chair. Let the paint dry. Drying times vary depending on the type of wood and weather. Check your paint can for estimated drying time. To see if this layer of paint is dry use a scrap of paper or your finger and touch the underside of the chair.  Add a layer of colored emulsion paint over the undercoat and allow it to dry completely. Apply another layer if you feel it necessary. Apply a layer of varnish to your painted wooden office chair and allow it to dry for at least 24 hours before sitting on it.

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