Ideas for Kids Bedroom Curtains


Kids Bedroom Curtains – If you are subdividing children’s bedroom to give each child some privacy, then the curtains can be incorporated into the theme of each part of the room. Use dark blue plain materials for one side of the curtain, and glue on metallic stars and spaceships applied. On the other side of the curtain, use two halves of fabric sewn together to make a blue sky and green grass. Applied a castle, knights and dragons in felt shapes. Alternatively, have your children decorate their own curtain sides in the fabric paint, or apply a design to them in acrylic paint.

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No curtain can ever be completely soundproof, but if you need to split a room for two people can share, and then a thick, heavy curtain is going to help absorb noise. You will need a strong, sturdy support from which to hang the kids bedroom curtains as it will be very heavy, and preferably you need to attach the rail to a center beam as there may not be enough force on the roof otherwise. Use a layer of thick wool fabric sandwiched between two layers of decorative fabric to create a sound absorbing partition. Scientists in Switzerland have also recently developed a lightweight sound locking fabric suitable for home use, which can be hung from a less sturdy bracket.

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Choose bright colors for your kids bedroom curtains if she enjoys a funky, contemporary look. For example, if your daughter has a polka dot bedspread of bright colors, you can accentuate the colors of the wall with a coordinating color of one of the moles or even paint each individual wall in different tones evident in the bedding. Select the outdoor activities colors, whether your child is a sports enthusiast or a nature lover. ICI earth tones, such as dark gray, moss green or a golden sunset tone, can be coordinated with apricot, burgundy, bluish green or beige tones.


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