Ideas for Install Glass Drawer Knobs


Glass drawer knobs – Determine where to place the control of the closet doors. Place the knob on the bottom of the door so that the drawer above. Install the controls near the top of the door for lower cabinets. Place the knob near the center of the door for eye height lockers. Measure the length of the box with a tape measure. To install a knob in the middle of the box, divide the length by two. Measure that amount down from the top of the drawer and draw a horizontal mark with a pencil.

Start at the edge of the box, where the door opens and measure in one or two inches and place a vertical mark. Place a mark where the two lines intersect. This is where the remote will be installed. If there is a door in front of it, repeat this step for the other door and use the level to make sure that the marks are still on. Make holes for the knobs of the marks you made and make sure the bit is the same size as the knob screw. Go all the way through the wood and come back again. Push the screw through the back of the hole, so that it comes out through the front of the door. Mount the glass drawer knobs on the end of the screw and tighten by hand. If necessary, use a Phillips screwdriver to tighten the rest of the way. Repeat this step for all matching doors.

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To install a glass drawer knobs on the bottom of the box, the height of two inches from the bottom edge. Measure two inches from the side where the doors open and mark the place where the two lines intersect. Repeat this procedure for all the doors that are presented to you. Use a tape measure or level if necessary. To fit a knob on the top of the drawer, measure two inches down from the top edge and two inches from the edge where the door opens. Install the controls where the two lines intersect. Complete these measurements of the opposite doors and use a level and a measuring tape when necessary.

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