Ideas for Hang Velvet Curtain Panels


Velvet curtain panels – There are many options of textiles and types of curtains to choose from, for a specific window. It will be necessary to take into account at the time of choosing it, in addition to the decorative aspect, the type of window and the practical needs that this curtain will have to cover.  While heavy velvet curtains are usually reserved for larger windows, such as an image window or two windows that sit side by side, it is possible to use them in a single window as well. By using only one panel of curtains through the single window, you can create a look that allows you to enjoy the opulent velvet look without the excess clumping that will occur if you try to hang two panels in a single window. Install a double curtain rod over the single window where you want to hang the velvet curtain panel. Insert the screws into the wall anchors, if necessary, to ensure that your outer curtain rod is strong enough to hold the velvet weight without pulling the wall under the weight.

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Hang a pure panel on the inner curtain rod. A pure panel will provide a minimum of privacy, even when you have the velvet fall picked up. Choose a color or contrast to go with the curtains you have selected. Hang the velvet curtain panels on the outer curtain rod. Run the curtain out or heap accordingly, so that the panel is evenly distributed over the rod.

Ideas for hang velvet curtain panels, install a retaining hook on the wall on one side of the window. Take the decoration of the room and the arrangement of the furniture in consideration when deciding which side to install the retained hook on. Choose a retained curtain value of a material such as brocade or velvet and install it on the retaining hook to complete the look of the window.

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