Ideas Decorative King Size Bed Headboard


King size bed headboard – Do not spend a fortune on a decorative headboard for your bed – make one for a fraction of the retail cost. Decorative headboards are focal points in a bedroom, especially hanging above a King size bed. Coordinate your headboard design with the overall style and feel of your room; once you make the basic structure, you can cover it with a variety of materials. An attractive choice for a King size headboard design is a tin or copper pressed headboard. A standard King Size bed measures 76 inches wide; Make a decorative headboard to improve instruction in the room.

King size bed headboard, arrange four 24-inches by 36-inch canvas panel frames in a horizontal row so that the height is 36 inches and the width is 96 inches. Fabric panel frames are available at most craft and online stores. A 96-inch width extends 10 inches on each side of the king-size mattress. Add or remove a panel, if you prefer a header with a different width. Place the panels face down. Join panels with 3-inch tube strips of tape along common edges. Center a strip of tape over the strips of wood and fold the excess over the sides of the strips of wood. Run the tape along the entire length of the adjacent sides of the frames. Canvas framed panels have wooden frames, so you can also attach to the panels with screws.

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The exterior edges of the king size bed headboard are painted with copper or silver metallic acrylic. Allow the paint to dry for at least one hour. Place the head face up on the floor. One-piece epoxy adhesive squirt along the four back edges of a square copper or 12-inch can. Place the tab in the upper left corner of the headboard fabric. The upper edge of the tile should be flush with the top edge of the canvas. The left side edge of the tile should be flush with the left edge of the canvas. Press the tile in place for a minute.

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