Ideas Decor Futon Sofa Bed


Futon Sofa Bed – and sleeper sofas are just some of the sofa beds available in the market. These beds save space as they are multi functional. They work well in a guest room which is also used to make social life during the day. When decorating, keep in mind that clients want to be comfortable while they sleep on the sofa bed just as they would in a normal bed. Choose furniture and a design that suits both day and night use. Adjust the sofa bed along the wider wall as long as you have no windows or doors limiting the way you arrange the furniture. This allows you to put the furniture on each side of the sofa bed, leaving room to move in the middle of the room.

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Put a bedside table or end table on both sides of the futon sofa bed. Choose tables that look like they could happen like a bedside table, or vice versa. The furniture should have drawers so you can store items. Make sure that the height of the tables is in line with the height of the sofa bed, both when it comes to a sofa and a bed. Place a rug on the floor in front of the sofa bed. This adds a bit of color and texture to the room when the sofa is made up, and will also provide some fabric on the floor on each side of the bed when it is made down.

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Add a lamp to each side of the futon sofa bed. If two people are going to share the sofa bed, both can turn on a lamp if they need it. This also works for reading when it comes to a sofa. Put a comfortable chair in the other corner of the room, if space permits. This makes the room usable to visit during the day, if you do not have overnight guests, and give guest options feel more. Use a chair with some upholstery pattern if the sofa bed is solid. The addition of a footrest allows a more seating regime and greater comfort.


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