Ideas Clean Glass Dinner Plates


Glass dinner plates – If there’s one thing I’m trying to get away from, it’s cleaning the dishes. Anyway, there is not much possible way out and even if you have a dishwasher or someone who collaborates with the task we always end up in front of the pool with the sponge in hand. Therefore, if you want to clean the dishes efficiently read the tips that we present below. The first suggestion is to wash the dishes in a plastic tub. Avoid doing it under the tap. In this way, you will not only save water and energy but also something fundamental time. When drying the dishes, and to prevent water dripping on the counter, place a tray under the drainer. It will also resist mold better than a rubber tray or a kitchen towel.

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Use hot water to clean glass dinner plates. Fill the sink with one or two jets of detergent. This is more economical than pouring the liquid detergent directly onto the sponge. In addition, you should know that the hotter the water is, the easier it will be to clean without leaving spots or scratches. Clean the dishes in this order: glass, glass, transparent glass, other dishes, cutlery, the fountains and then the pots and pans. Let the water run when necessary and start again. Rinse five to six pieces of crockery at a time, using hot tap water. Start by cleaning the back of the dishes and finally the dirtiest surface.

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The sooner you clean the pots and pans, the better. Because the salt is absorbent and a natural abrasive is an excellent antidote for fat. Rub dirty pots and pans with a dry salt sponge until you finish removing the remaining grease. Undoubtedly these ideas will help you when cleaning glass dinner plates. If you also have some advice that you consider useful, do not hesitate to share it with us through the comments.


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