Ideas Cheetah Print Rug


Cheetah print rug – Carpets are part of the very important textiles in the decoration of every room of the home, especially for the decoration of the room, since the carpets are considered as decorative details that have to be part of the ambiance of the room to give it a Decorative touch more cozy and elegant. Although it is true that you can use it in the decoration of the dining room, the bedroom, the living room, living room, etc. But now I will show you some ideas especially so you know how to decorate the room with rugs. Cheetah print gives a wild touch to the interior of a house. If you pair this impression with complementing the decoration, you can turn an otherwise dull room into one with natural pizzazz. Whether you choose realistic faux fur, simple cheetah print fabric or print it in a vase or rug, this brings a safari feel to the home page. The possibilities of this animal print are endless.

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Start simple you can always add new articles later. Choose one or two cheetah print items to add to a room and this will give you a better idea of ​​what you should do and how you want to advance in the transformation of the room. Choose cheetah print rug, a throw from the sofa or even a vase. Natural colors work best for a safari feeling, but you can also find cheetah printing in other colors if you want something more exclusive. It does not use printing at all, however, the room will look too busy that way. If you have a whole couch covered in cheetah print, do not cover all the chairs and tables in this print.

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Cheetah print rug, like dried or fake pampas grass in a vase (which can also be cheetah print) in the room to complement the feeling of wild safari. In addition to this, or as an alternative, use tropical plants to improve that natural and wild feeling. Use complementary colors for your other fabrics and decorative elements. In other words, throw accent the cheetah print with dark or tan colors or with other solid colors that match the colors of the print a wooden table (eg, teak, bamboo or wicker) or the statue next to a sofa or a bed with a cheetah.


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