Ideas Black And Gray Living Room Furniture


Black And Gray Living Room Furniture – The rooms decorated in black have become a decorative trend and, in combination with silver, accessories create an elegant and modern environment worth admiring. The black in interior decoration is a symbol of elegance, but the dark tone makes this required a secondary color that is able to create a balance in lighting. In this case, we have opted for a silver color to use in their combination that, in small and well-managed quotas, managed to create a distinguished and avant-garde environment. The key is always in balance. It is very important to maintain a harmonious decoration.

That is, not to exaggerate in the implementation of any of the two tones and much less of black and gray living room furniture. This last tone used in a recalibrate way will only ruin the decoration since its excessive brightness will generate a visual fatigue and opacity totally to the black. The black color is generally applied in the decoration of floors, walls, and ceilings. Here we have to be very careful because we cannot paint the whole room in this color as explained above, so we will have to play with the dark clear and the different textures. A modern and delicate silver, elegant and subtle decoration. This has been applied to the edge of the furniture to highlight them.

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In this second case, we see another decoration of living rooms in black and silver the wall has been covered with light gray wallpaper and details in silver, matching the furniture front. And contrasting with the floor and the rest of the black and gray living room furniture. And the last detail to highlight, the lighting of the living room in black and silver given by the large windows that give a special touch to reflect in these shades. Something similar, although much more acceptable, will happen if we abuse the use of black color. The room will look dark and dull, uncomfortable and hardly anything warm. The idea is to maintain a black decoration where silver details are the focus of attention.

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