Ideas about Outdoor Firewood Rack


Outdoor firewood rack – The wood must be stacked and dried for more than a year to burn optimally. Dry wood burns much better than firewood that has been exposed to the elements and moistened. Taking all this requires more firewood storage capacity. Brick is a durable building material that can keep wood burning dry, and a series of firewood storage devices can be made with brick. A wood shelf is an open storage unit that allows you to stack wood vertically. Place a lower row of bricks outside on a flat surface to match the width of your frame. Stacking bricks at the end to form the side walls.

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Outdoor firewood rack should be stacked at 90 degree angles to the next layer, and there should not be 6 inches of space between each row so air can circulate for faster drying. Add a tarp on the top of the frame to protect against rainwater or place the shelf under the porch roof. Another way to store firewood is to make a brick wood box for your porch. While a wood shelf has a bottom and the sides of height at the ends, the box will have three walls of the same height throughout the firewood. To build the box, simply rest the first row of bricks in a rectangular shape with the desired dimensions. Do not underestimate the weight of bricks and firewood. Since the box will be on the porch, it should contain enough wood for short-term use.

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Making a shed just for your outdoor firewood rack can increase your wood storage space dramatically. Use bricks to form a dry floor for the shed. Sand bar in the areas between the bricks for additional stability. Bricks stack along three sides of the floor and then apply a 1/2-inch thick layer of mortar over the top and sides of the bricks as you set them in place. Add a plywood roof with masonry screws.


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