How to Wash Raised Dog Bed


Raised dog bed – Over time, your dog’s bed can become terribly stinky, making the smell sit in the rooms and in other areas of your home. Cleaning an extremely fragrant bed is possible with a few solutions for the home that will help you to completely freshen it and get your home to have a welcoming atmosphere with fresh fragrance. Dandruff, hair and even fleas and ticks may be lurking inside your dog’s bed. Washing your bed every few weeks, or more if you spend a lot of time outdoors, reduces allergens, dirt and insects inside your home. The material and style of your dog’s bed will determine the most effective washing procedure.  Shake your dog’s bed outside, and use a lint roller to remove hair from the surface. Loose dog hair will become bruised and re-bonded during the wash cycle, or it may clog the lint filter in the dryer.

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Unzip the outer cover material before placing it inside the washer. If the inner bed is made of foam or synthetic filler, place it inside the washer. Add a mild detergent without perfume. Choose a detergent labeled sensitive skin and fragrance free scented detergent that is used to wash human clothing can irritate your dog’s skin, leading to itching, eczema and hives. Wash the raised dog bed and outer cover in a gentle wash cycle, with cold water. A normal washing cycle and hot water can disfigure, shrink or melt the bed parts.

You can use a dryer at low temperature and with a dryer sheet. The dryer sheet reduces static electricity, which decreases the amount of hair sticking to the raised dog bed. Use a deodorant to eliminate pet spray odors. Tuck the foam rubber and the holster a little when washed and dried. Place the foam in the sheath again.

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