How to Wash Futon Covers IKEA


Futon covers IKEA Рis an affordable way to extend the life of a sofa, change the appearance of a room or hide the wear of an old sofa. Microfiber cover has gained popularity because of its durability and low cost. Many covers, even microfiber covers, can be washed in the washing machine, as long as special care is taken. Before following these or cleaning instructions, always consult the textiles for a certain sofa cover. Check the couch cover for small tears and stains. Prepare any colored areas and repair tears as tears can expand and stains can be set after washing. Test any stain removal to be used on a well-concealed part of the lid before treatment stains to make sure that the color of the cover will not be removed during cleaning.

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Wash the lid on the sensitive cycle with cold water. Do not use strong chemicals on futon covers IKEA. Consider using diluted fabric detergent or a detergent made for fragile fabrics. Replace the microfiber couch cover at least once during the wash cycle to ensure it is rinsed smoothly. Place the sofa cover in the dryer on the dryer using the lowest heating mode available.

Remove the cap from the dryer and arrange it for 20 minutes to make sure it dries evenly. Do not use a high heat fixation as the cover may shrink or damage. Some gaps can shrink with only a small amount of heat, so if the microfiber futon covers IKEA couches fits very tight, consider hanging it to dry to prevent shrinkage. Some gaps may need ironing after washing. See the manufacturer’s instructions on ironing, as many microfiber materials will melt or shrink if ironed. If the lid does not fit perfectly when returning it to the sofa, reshape it by spraying it with a mist of clean water and leveling the fabric into place.

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