How to Sew the Corner Futon Mattress Covers


Futon Mattress Covers – Futons are a sofa that can easily turn into a bed. Since this is a place where people can sleep it is a good idea to make a cover for the futon mattress. A lid can be as simple as making a custom mounted sheet to fit just the mattress. For the most part, sewing a futon cover is quite simple. However, the corners can be a bit on the tricky side. Fortunately, there’s a quick way to get your corners covered with fins to fit just right. Measure the length, width and depth of your futon mattress. Use depth measurement and add the number to your length and width. Add more 2 inches all the way around to allow for faking.

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Cut the fabric into the necessary measurements futon mattress covers. Only use a piece of fabric for best results. Spread the fabric on a large, flat surface, such as the floor. Fold the fabric halfway along the length and then again along the width. In order for you to properly weight, the four corners will all be together. Adjust the fabric evenly so that the edges of the four corners match exactly. Pin the four fabric layers together to hold them in place.

Return to your depth measurement and use it to cut out squares from each of the four corners futon mattress covers. For example, if your depth measurement was 5 inches, mark with the chalk on the top layer of fabric 5 inch square right on the corner. Cut all four boxes at the same time. Fold the fabric and work on one corner at a time. Fold the corners where you cut out the squares so that the raw edges meet. Use pin to hold it in place and sew. Repeat with all four corners to give your futon a fitted look.

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