How to Paint Twin Platform Bed Frame


Twin platform bed frame – Painting a bed frame to match the colors of the room could be the start of a bedroom change. Metal frames usually last for years, but the frame may need cleaning and painting if the metal has rusted and the paint has chipped. A wooden mattress could be structurally sound, but a matte finish gives it the appearance of aging. A fresh coat of paint to match the perks bedroom decor to the room and hides the imperfections. Install an outdoor work area. Use a protective cover if working on a terrace or driveway. Place trestles or blocks in the work space to raise the frame to a comfortable working height.

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Dismantle the twin platform bed frame with the right tools and bring the parts to the work area. Some frames are connected with screws, while others are made with screws and nuts. Place the hardware inside a plastic zipper bag for safe keeping. The frame with water and mild detergent. Moisten a cleaning cloth to remove surface dirt. Select a cleaning sponge for the most difficult areas. Dry the frame with a clean cloth. Examine the frame for mold samples. Remove rust with a wire brush or abrasive pad. Sand the surface with medium grain sandpaper to blend into uneven areas. Clean the dust.

Apply a corrosion-resistant primer to the twin platform bed frame with a brush. Home improvement centers have primers designed for metal. Apply the final coat of paint with spray paint designed for the metal. Select from a variety of colors from a home improvement center. Allow the paint to dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Turn the frame on the unpainted side and paint finishes all unpainted areas. Be sure to frame interior parts after they have dried. Reassemble the frame in the bedroom.

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