How to Measure Small Sectional Sleeper Sofa


Small sectional sleeper sofa is built into sections that can be grouped together or placed in the room. Sectional sofas have a larger seating area compared to regular couches. When choosing a U-shape or L-shaped roof rack or sectional pieces, it is important to measure the width and length of the space available. Also be sure that the stretching pieces can fit through doorways, halls and stairs or elevators.


Measure small sectional sleeper sofa the length of the wall or open area in the space where the distance is to be placed. For example, write down that the wall on the right side of a corner has a length of 11 meters. A stretch that measures up to 10 feet is placed on the right side. The left side can have a very different length.

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Measure the width of the small sectional sleeper sofa area where the distance is to be used. Keep in mind that parts of the section will spread across the area. A sleeper bed occupies space, as are some folding pieces of furniture. The seats of a profile drawing are usually wider than an average couch. Provide space for sitting and walking comfortably around the furniture. Open a door that pivots into the room and measure the space it takes.

Measure and note the height from the floor up to the edge of a windowsill if sectional will be set against it. The sectional should be established under the framework, if possible. If the sectional is too high it will cover some of the window, blocking light from the room. Measure all doorways, openings stairs, corridors and openings lift that will be used to deliver sections of a sofa section to ensure that furniture will be able to fit.

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Tips and warnings

Measure all areas twice to make sure the numbers are correct. If the section is too large to deliver and assemble through doorways, there is always a charge for renewing the item and a separate shipping fee for a new, correct size roof rack port.


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