How to Make Platform Bed Frame Queen


Platform bed frame queen – Queen size mattresses are approximately 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. The platform must support these dimensions with approximately 2 additional inches along the sides and at the foot of the bed to account for differences from the manufacturer. With the basic technique in mind, you can customize the plan and build a platform bed for all tastes. Lay a 60 inch long flat gasket. Measure 1 inch from the end and mark with a pencil. Repeat the mark on the opposite end of the board. Repeat at both ends of the other table 60 inches long. Draw a straight line at the ends of the boards on the marks using a ruler or a carpenter’s square. Select a bit drill is of the same diameter or somewhat smaller than the solid shank of the screws. Connect the drill bit.

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Three hole drill, equally spaced, across both 60-inch long plates on each line. Configurations a 60-inch long vertical board over a long edge. Place a 78-inch long board vertically over a long edge. A butt one cut end of the longest board against the shorter side of the board in a row of holes, forming an L or an angle of 90 degrees. Insert the screws through the pilot holes and into the longer dash with an electric drill. Fix a longer board to the opposite end of the shorter plate in the same way, forming a square u. Settings the shortest remaining on the edge of the board and stop against the free ends of the two more tips. Insert the screws through the pilot holes and into the more boards, ending an open square box frame.

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Platform bed frame queen, measure the space between the two longest boards of the square of the interior frame inner edge. Measure and cut four 2-by-12 boards for that length. Insert each 2 x 12 vertical board into the space inside the frame between the two more boards. Space these support supports at least 1 foot away. Drill three guide holes on the side of the longer boards and at the ends of each support. Insert screws through the holes to attach the brackets to the frame on both sides. Sand the frame using medium-grain sanding and grinding power. Sand back with fine sandpaper and once again with fine sandpaper.

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