How to Make Modern Living Room Decor


Modern living room decor – A cranberry colored sofa makes a bold statement inside any modern living room. However, the color can quickly become overwhelming if it is not surrounded by neutral, complementary colors. Adding neutral colors and pulling cranberry color throughout the room are two ways to make the decoration around a cranberry sofa coherent and attractive. Most of these fitting tips are easy to do and will make a big difference in the appearance of the room. You need are neutral colored paint, brushes, tarp, cranberries, brown or off white pillows, pictures with cranberry accents, dark-colored furniture, neutral-colored ornaments.

Let the couch be the focal point of the modern living room decor. Because the sofa is such a bold color, using too many other bold colors in the room will be overwhelming. Choose other furniture colors carefully. Chairs and other furniture must be neutral colors, or a complementary color such as dark brown. Add elements of cranberry color to other areas of the living room. Use cranberry-colored cushions as accents on the other colored furniture. Choose images that have touch of cranberries in print. Paint the walls a neutral color, like yellow, cream, and khaki or off white. Clean white is not a color recommended because it will create too much contrast in the room. Cover the furniture with tarpaulins to keep it clean as the room is painted.

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Consider adding another sofa or accent chair that contains elements of cranberries. A pattern where cranberries are an important color can shine down the bright cranberry of the couch while still bringing color to the rest of the modern living room decor. Arrange the sofa so that’s the first thing people see when they enter the living room. Arrange other furniture around the couch. If the couch is located against the wall, add a big picture over the couch that has cranberry items. Remove any other bold colors decorative objects, such as dark blues, other red or green from space. The use of these colors will interfere with the feel of the room. Any neutral colored objects can be left in the living room.

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