How to Make Futon Couches


Futon Couches¬†– are usually made for use as a daybed and to sleep on, but may not always make the best sofa. But if a futon is all that is in your budget or if you have one you want Restyle, some accessories are all that’s needed to make your futon feel more comfortable and look more like a traditional couch. Choose a nice furniture cover for your futon. These are available in many different patterns, fabrics and patterns. A lid with a little extra padding can make your futon feel more comfortable to sit on for longer periods of time, and a color that matches the rest of your living room will make futon a more welcome addition to your home.

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Release a futon wedge under the pillows. Futon couches wedge is a foam wedge that basically helps lift the pillows up to keep them from slipping around as they sometimes do on a futon frame. With the pillows a bit higher, it makes futon look a bit more like a traditional couch. Add some cozy pillows to the futon. Cushions made with chenille or microfiber will offer a comfortable place to lay your head and make futon a little more luxurious feel. Match pillows to cover for a more tailor made look. Use as many pillows as you like. Mix different shapes and textures for a shabby chic look.

Buy an ottoman for your futon couches. Since futon is used most like chaise lounges, they are usually not seen with ottomans. However, you can buy osman specially made for futon. This will make the futon look like a nicer, more expensive furniture. Having a place to put your legs will make it more comfortable as well.

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