How to Make a Front Porch Bench


Front porch bench – To do this project, starting with measure 2 x 4 boards and mark them where you plan to cut. You must have two 47-inch pieces and two 9 1/4 inch pieces. When checked, use a circular saw to cut the boards carefully along the lines you have made. Place the newly cut boards in a rectangular shape with flush corners, and standing on their edges. Make sure that the 9 1/4 inch pieces are at the outermost parts of the frame (the cut parts of 47-inch boards should not be seen), otherwise seat to the bench will not fit later. Use a hammer to drive framing spikes through 9 1/4-inch boards in the 47-inch boards. Use two stitches per corner.

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Second, install front porch bench by first cutting 1/4 inch plywood to 9 1/4 of 50 inches. Place the plywood on top of the frame and use a hand drill to attach it to the frame with 2-inch screws. Use three screws on the short sides and four screws on the long sides. Cut a piece of 1 with 12 tables to 53 inches and place it on top of the plywood. There should be a small outline on each side, so try to make it centered. Set 1-inch screws through the bottom of the plywood to 1 with 12 boards on top. Third, create the panel ends to support the bench. Cut 3/4 inch plywood in two pieces that is 11 x 17 1/4 inches. Application 2- inch screws to secure these panels to the frame.

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Only one screw is required for each side. Last, strengthen the front porch bench by adding braces. Cut three right-angled triangles out of 3/4-inch plywood. Each triangle should measure 8 inches on the sides. Place the triangle braces in the corners, where the panel ends to meet the 1st with 12 seat of the bench and fasten them into place with 2-inch screws. Cut a 2 with 4 tables to 50 inches. Then place it centered, four inches from the bottom of the panels. Use 3-inch screws to secure both panels, create a bandage to keep the spacing between the plates.


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