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June 28, 2019 Interior

How to Install Dryer Vent Pipe

Dryer vent pipe – When installing a clothes dryer in your home, it is important that you have a dryer vent. If you do not have dust and lint on almost everything near the dryer and it is a fire hazard. Ventilation also accelerates the drying time. Installing the duct for clothes dryer is not difficult, but it requires cutting a hole so you can air the dryer outdoors. Be sure to follow local building codes when installing a dryer duct, which in most cases requires you to install a semi-rigid metal conduit.

Dryer Vent Pipe Ceiling

Dryer Vent Pipe Ceiling

Measure the length from the dryer vent pipe to the exit point. That’s where the ventilation will be connected, so you need to determine the pipeline duct length needed. Drill a test hole through the wall at the exit point of the dryer. Use a 1/4 inch drill and bit. Locate the hole on the outside and survey on the area of ‚Äč‚Äčobstructions. Remove anything that is in the way. Cut saw a hole in the wall with the drill and a 4-1 / 4 inch hole. If you go through bricks or concrete blocks, you must drill a series of holes. Drill a 4-1 / 4 inch diameter hole with a drill bit and masonry. Tap the brick or block of the opening using a hammer and chisel.

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Ideas for install dryer vent pipe, measure the length of the hole through the wall. Use a tape measure to determine how much the outlet duct should be. Measure the tube with the tape measure and cut it to size with scissors. Leave enough additional duct pipes at the end to connect the duct tube. Take the outer conduit and insert into the hole in the wall. Install the vent plug in the duct. Secure the cover with screws and a Phillips screwdriver. Caulk around the lid using a caulking gun and putty. Caulk around the ventilation pipe inside the house where it comes out of the ventilation grille. Connect the flexible conduit tube to the vent pipe. Ensure ventilation using a screw clamp. Tighten with a Phillips screwdriver. Connect the other end of the flexible pipe to the dryer and secure it with a vent clamp. Tighten the vent clamp screw with a Phillips screwdriver. Plug the dryer power cord into the outlet. Push the dryer into place against the wall.

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