How to Hang Short Curtains for Bedroom


Short curtains for bedroom Рare hung for decoration and in most cases to block the light. Many bedroom curtains are floor length to give maximum blocking of outside light from street lights and car lights. Hanging bedroom curtains is a simple process that should not take longer than a morning or afternoon to complete. Decide where to hang curtain rods. Usually hung sticks up above the top window mount or between 1 and 3 inches above the top of the window itself. Mark a pencil at each end of the window where you want to hang the brackets. Make sure that the marks are the same distance from the top of the window.

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Standby power consumption of the ladder. Hold a stronghold of brand pen. Use a power screwdriver to tighten the screws in the wall, hold the bracket in place. Repeat for all other screw slots. Hang the bracket on the other side of the window. If necessary, add a third bracket in the middle of the window. This is usually only necessary for windows wider than 30 inches. Place the bar on the brackets. Measure the distance from the short curtains for bedroom rod to the floor. Home your curtains if it is longer than the measurement.

Take the short curtains for bedroom rod brackets. The wire rod by curtain hole. Usually there are two separate holes; one is at the top of the curtain, and the other is just below the first. If you hang the rod through the top hole, the curtain without ruffle top. If you hang it, however, the second hole, the curtain a ruffled top. Place the wand, now hold curtains back on the brackets. Screw the curtain barrier ropes, if you use them, about halfway up the wall next to the window. Finally it’s time to hang your curtain clips from decorative rod and enjoy your new custom-made bedroom curtains.

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