How to Dismantle Corner Sofa Bed


Corner Sofa Bed – Sofa beds are often double berths. Although sometimes called the sofa bed, it lacks many sleeper sofa bed mattresses. While one of the options could be considered a sleeping sofa, comfort tend to be subjective. It is possible to consider others in the bed cars, but make your own “test drive” of several sofa beds and a sofa before you buy. If you have a sofa equipped with a trundle bed and need to move or repair it, you will probably have to remove the box itself. This is the heaviest part of the furniture, and often several bolts and mounting screws, which go to several articulated arms, double and out, is possible and hold it in place.

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Although it is not a difficult task, it is best to take the time to take notes on the site of each screw and screw for reinstallation. Remove the cushions from the sofa and set them aside. Remove all other aerosol tents. Grasp the handle or pull the strap attached to the bed and pull up. Then fold it completely out so that it is flat and expose the mattress. Remove the mattress from the corner sofa bed and put it on the page. Place the set screws or mounting screws into the core arms inside the frame. There may be four to six bolts, with two or three bolts on each side.

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Fold out half of its travel so that the fixing bolts or screws are still visible, but the corner sofa bed is not fully extended. Fixing bolts or screws with a wrench and socket or a screwdriver, depending on what is appropriate. Tighten the bolts or mounting screws slowly, with one hand while supporting the frame trifling with the other hand. You may need to use pliers to release the bolts or screws. 6 Pull the yarn straight out of the hinges and fold completely to make it more compact and easy to carry. Hold the ribbon around the four corners to prevent the swing is open when you move it, if any.

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