How to Decorate with a Zebra Hide Rug


Zebra hide rug – Some animal-print blankets show dancing stripes of a zebra. The home decoration accessories add a natural feel that any room designed to match it. This blanket style looks appealing with several wall paint colors and brings the spirit into nature right into your home. You can work a zebra blanket into any room you want. Use a zebra blanket to add excitement to a living room with simple colors and modern style decor. Zebra rug add primitive sensibility to living rooms, especially when assembled close to furniture, to sport slim curves and straight lines. One of the carpet two primary colors must match the living room’s largest furniture. Padding colors that almost match zebra blankets usually have attractive results.

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How to decorate with a zebra hide rug, place a zebra blanket under your dining table and create a stronger pivot point. Zebra blankets have an exciting pattern that almost vibrates. Tapestries with close range zebra stripes produce more visual vibrations than those at large intervals between light and dark areas. Create a harmonious dining room with zebra carpet streaks in a similar width to your table’s chair legs. Choose a zebra hide rug that goes well with your dining set’s tree or color. An oversized carpet, much larger than your table area, produces an unforgettable dining scene.

Add a tribal feeling to your bedroom hanging a nice wool zebra hide rug on the wall. By setting up a zebra rug that resembles the color of rattan furniture, you need to create a bohemian atmosphere in which the zebra rug becomes a work of art. Look for a zebra rug with a minimal amount of contrast between stripes to play it safely. For example, you can choose a warm-tone zebra hide rug with light reddish brown and beige stripes. Choose a large enough blanket to cover a significant part of your wall to a dramatic effect.

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