How to Decorate Murphy Bed Sofa


Murphy bed sofa – Murphy beds are a great solution that saves space for small homes or apartments. These types of beds are folded in a closet or wall during the day, and then folded out at night to sleep. But having an important piece of furniture changing position everyday can pose some unique design issues. The time to decorate a room with a folding bed is important and combines the design with functionality, and ensures the room is easy to use when the bed is in any of the positions. Make sure there is enough space for the folding bed to easily unfold. You will probably get tired of moving tables or chairs aside every night before bedtime, making it easier for you, ensuring there is plenty of open space in the folding bed room. If the space is too exposed during the day, place an accent rug in the area where the bed will be developed.

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Hang the art on the back of the Murphy bed sofa. When it is in the closed position, the wall will have a decorative piece of art. Use a lightweight plastic frame, and place in place with double-sided adhesive patches designed to hang frame frames. Hanging a mirror this way can also give the room the illusion of space, but make sure it is firmly fixed. Consider adding 4 functional pieces to the room. Because the room effectively disappears during the day, you and your family may want to add pieces that give the room a second purpose. The room could function as a home office, game room, nursery or library, depending on your needs.

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Use two types of lighting. Provide the two general daytime ceiling lights and a few lamps to provide more ambient mood lighting to read before bedtime. Make sure that the lamps are easily accessible from the bed in its open position. Minimize the amount of large pieces of furniture in the room. Due Murphy bed sofa is usually found in rooms that are already on the small side, which has more than two other large pieces of furniture can overwhelm the space.


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