How to Decorate an Entryway Style


How to decorate an entryway – Round entryways are often more spacious than angular foyers, but they still can be a challenge to decorate. This type of room gives an immediate impression to visitors. Often the first impression is the most memorable one; therefore, it is important that this place make a statement about your style and personality in your home. Choosing the right type of decor allows the homeowner to make the most of this area.

How to decorate an entryway, male round entrance with a color that allows the eye to flow visually to any room a visitor can see from the area. For example, if the living room next to the entrance is a light blue, use the same color or a lighter, silvery blue-gray shade on the entrance walls. Place a round table discussion in the middle of the entrance. This prevents the area from looking naked. Set a high, interesting sculpture in the middle of the table. Another option is a vase of silk or fresh flowers. Use flowers that emphasize the colors in the room. Arrange attractive decor on the table, such as picture frames filled with pictures of family members, a pair of candlesticks or leather-bound books. Everything that shows the style of your home works well. Set a floor mat or an attractive area blanket in front of the doorway. Choose one that coordinates well with room colors and style.

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How to decorate an entryway; hang high and narrow images hanging vertically around the wall space. Choose scenes that work well with rooms you can see from the round entrance and the theme of the foyer itself. For example, if your home is decorated in a Victorian style, a grouping of Victorian houses, English gardens or other old-fashioned images increases style. Use an odd number of images for the best look. Space them evenly around the round entrance.  Place a comfortable chair or a narrow, short bench along the wall closest to the doorway. This allows family members to sit down to remove shoes to store them in the closet.

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